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Santa set up shop in New York City in response to the events of September 11th, 2001 to give back to the community and the families of the first responders who valiantly gave their all to the innocent victims of terrorism. With so many victims of the terror attack left spending their first holiday season still mourning missing loved ones. NewYorkSanta was created to give something back and let the families of the first responders know they were being thought of, there was still hope, and possibly even a bit of magic still left alive in an otherwise battered city. 


That first season, NewYorkSanta offered Santa’s services exclusively to the families of the first responders and the victims of the World Trade Center attack and set out to reach as many of the families as we could.  In the years that followed, New York Santa began providing Santa’s services to hospitals, orphanages, and other institutions where children might not otherwise receive a visit from Santa.


Now years later while NewYorkSanta makes appearances at private and corporate events, we never forget our initial purpose, of visiting children who might not otherwise receive a visit from Santa and bring them toys, cheer, and holiday spirit.  For many children; I am the only Santa they’ve ever known, for them, I am the real Santa.

Dana “Santa” Friedman, Patricia Florio and the staff of New York Santa.